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Wave59 is the single best trading software I have ever seen, period. If you can't make money with these indicators, most of which are not available anywhere else, you shouldn't be trading. As far as I am concerned, it is the Holy Grail.

I believe that people like yourselves are doing extraordinary work in the futures business and would also like to tell you that I made $4000 profit today on the S&P based on your forecast and $15000 in the past week and a half.

Are you tired of trading with 30 year old indicators that nearly every other trader knows about? All the major charting programs provide indicators like the RSI and moving averages, and tens of thousands of other traders use these tools. Can such widely known techniques really provide you with a trading edge? Are you really going to be able to win a professional's money using something that even the lowliest floor runner at the MERC knows about?

Not only that, techniques like SlowK and RSI were designed before the computer age, which means they are like dinosaurs compared to what an algorithm can do today. Would you try to launch a space shuttle using kindergarten math? How about perform brain surgery with a plastic fork? If not, then how can you justify trading with these kinds of outdated tools? To succeed in the cutthroat zero-sum game of day trading you need something more advanced than these simple formulas.
Wave59 RT contains extremely powerful techniques that can give you a real edge when trading the financial markets. From genetic algorithms to composite cycle prediction techniques, this software contains some of the most advanced algorithms ever applied to the financial markets.

Unlike almost every other charting program out there, this software was not designed by computer programmers. It was built by traders, for traders. The main programmer is in fact also a CTA, which means every module, routine, and button has been built by someone who understands what traders need from their software. Testing was done on live market data under actual trading conditions, not in some corporate computer room. The result is that Wave59 will be the most user friendly, powerful piece of trading software you have ever used. We guarantee it!
The Wave59 software package contains many different tools and modules, each of which is described in more detail on its own page.

If you are trading using the same moving averages and stochastics indicators as everyone else, maybe it's time to take a look at some of the revolutionary tools in Wave59. For example:

The 9-5 Count - tracks price cycles (not time cycles) to determine future turning points. When a price cycle ends, the market makes a turning point. This tool is so powerful that it even works on predicting natural phenomena such as temperature fluctuations!
Smart Money Index - there are always two groups of traders in the markets at all times, the professional (or "smart") money, and the amateur (or "dumb") money. Nine times out of ten, when the smart money is buying and the dumb money is selling the market will go up. Or, if the smart money is selling and the dumb money buying, the market will go down. Using a proprietary algorithm, Wave59 can actually measure and compare what these two groups are doing at any given moment. Needless to say, if you want trading profits, make sure to follow the smart money!
Fractal Trend Index - based on ideas developed in Chaos Theory, the Fractal Trend Index (FTI) can measure trend fractals, minute patterns that determine the power behind a move. The more trend fractals there are in the market structure, the stronger the trend. But watch out when those patterns disappear! That's when you get major turning points and reversals. If you've ever lost money selling into a strong uptrend too early, or missed catching a major spike high because the market just looked too strong, you owe it to yourself to learn more about this tool!
The Fibonacci Vortex - the mother of all support and resistance tools. This is the geometric pattern behind 80% of all price swings found in freely traded markets. Simply place it on your chart, line it up against recent price action, then watch as the market bounces off predetermined turning points in both time and price. See it in action once and the true power of Fibonacci numbers will be revealed.

"This service is highly recommended by Stockstohop for making money"

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