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  • S&P E-Mini /Forex
  • Nasdaq E-Mini
  • DOW E-Mini
  • QQQ Nasdaq Tracking Stock
  • DowJones EuroStoxx 50 & DAX Index
  • Treasury Bonds (30 year/10 year)

If you're an active investor, someone looking to trade every market day, then you'll want the NetPicks DayTrader - futures trading utilizing the popular S&P E-Mini, Nasdaq E-Mini and DOW E-Mini futures contracts along with popular European electronic markets and treasuries. Trading multiple times per day with the majority of the trades in the first two hours and last two hours of each investing day.
All trades are for day trading only and are not held overnight. You avoid all overnight risk and are ready each market day to implement our system on the E-Mini and QQQ markets.

The DayTrader is designed for the active investor. Each trading day we release specific Key Numbers that you utilize to trade these markets profitably. We disclose the entire trading methodology to you so you can take full advantage of these Key Numbers. You'll know exactly where to buy for all the E-Mini markets, where we'll be exiting for profits, and where to place your protective stops

I have used Netpicks for over a year now.
My greatest profits come from your momentum and internet trades. During my subscription period with Netpicks I have managed to turn my trading activities from marginal to an average of about $1300-1500 per day.

Your newsletter is keeping me from trading every day without a particular entry point. This will greatly improve my success rate! Thanks for a great newsletter! I am anxious to get up each morning to see the new DayTrade Scalps!!!" - B.N. "Great call (or should I say "put") on all of your shorts, especially BRCM. I made a 300% return on my Nov. 195 puts! My congratulations to you for your courage and willingness to truly produce winners (whether short or long)." - M. C.

NetPicks has been providing specific trades for the stock index futures markets for several years. We have now adapted our proven trading methodology to the forex markets in the form of a complete and mechanical trading strategy.
Take a look at the results since our Official Launch. The April figures are just through April 6th so we’re off to a big start. Assuming 100,000 units of base currency, the GBPUSD would have come in March at 956 * $10 USD = $9,560 so you can see the potential. Mini pairs would be lower depending upon how many traded.

Totals in Pips
Currency Pair
March 2004
April 2004
Euro/US Dollar
US Dollar/Swiss Franc
British Pound/US Dollar
US Dollar/Japanese Yen

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