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My Currency Trading Video Course shows you how to stick with the very best "bankable trades," and enjoy as close to a "sure thing" as you'll ever get. To become a winning trader, you don't have to outsmart anyone, dream up a new strategy, stay up all night analyzing trends, or pay your dues by losing money the first year.

Why Does My Currency Trading System Work and Others Don't? The reason is quite simple. ALL professional traders, be they trading for themselves or for banks, financial institutions, funds, and the such like, adhere to the concept of support and resistance, which is the premise behind my system. When you see price action violates pivot line convincingly, professional traders and automated trading systems automatically kick in and buy or sell, depending upon where price is going. So, in essence, these two factors alone account for why other indicators are left breathing dust. Bar patterns, MACD divergence, different time frame readings, and trendlines are definite precursors to price changing direction but, in the final analysis, where price is in relation to its nearest pivot point, is the big clue. Tie all these indications together, and you are sure to out-fox price's next move. My video course explains these strategies in detail

Professional trader and author Peter Bain's Video Forex Course demonstrates simple yet powerful pivot currency trading systems used by professional traders.

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Online Trading Academy is a cutting-edge training firm focusing on day trading training products and services.  Our professional trainers will teach you to trade in any market condition!  Online Trading Academy




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