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The Position Cost Averaging Stock Investing System 
Generates strategic Buy and Sell signals for stock investors. You can Make money AUTOMATICALLY by trading around a core stock holding. This trading model is being used in over 60 countries and all fifty states.
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1st I have to thank you for the training. I know for me it's still early
days, but I'm averaging 30pips a day since studying Pivot Points (67% trade
win ratio and improving). I trade the GBP/USD pair and so far you Pivot
Points have been deadly accurate (3days in a row). It only missed M1 once
by about 15pips I think, but what's 15pips! Your system has paved & lighted
my forex trading path & turned my dumb money into smart money. Thank you.
Andre, South Africa

Howdy from Texas! Just to let you know got your course and it is AWESOME!!!!! Did i say AWESOME!!!! Yes i did! -- It gave me such confidence. Still only 2/3 of it and been watching hammers and spinning tops at the pivots. Knowing that when price for example enters above the pivot thinking sell (although knowing about shades of gray). Anyway thought i would tell you first night after watching video on Sept 10th saw price enter around M3 and saw double top, thinking sell watched it got down to 1188 and then retrace to 1208. Then saw quadruple top along with a spinning top (I think it was a almost perfect cross). Saw where in the news the Swedes said no the Euro and I'm in at 1203 for a sell. I put my stop in above the double top at M3 at 1235. AS expected saw price move down and touch just above the pivot at 1181 - took my $180 and said goodbye for the day. I figured price still heading towards M2 at 1152 but going to take baby steps and not get greedy! Just wanted to say thanks. Will have lots of questions in future. You are right on Peter. I'm listening. Mike Clements

Our Forex Course is a complete trading solution. You get all the information you need to trade your own account profitably - Get a front row seat at home with author, trader and educator Peter Bain in this exclusive video seminar release - enjoy and learn from this content-packed two-day live Forex Trading seminar.

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Why does my currency trading system work and others don't? The reason is quite simple. ALL professional traders, be they trading for themselves or for banks, financial institutions, funds, and the such like, adhere to the concept of support and resistance, which is the premise behind my system. When you see price violate a pivot point convincingly, there are automated trading systems out there that automatically kick in and buy or sell, depending upon where price is going. So, in essence, these two factors alone account for why other indicators are left breathing dust. Bar patterns, MACD divergence, different time frame readings, and trend lines are definite precursors to price changing direction but, in the final analysis, where price is in relation to its nearest pivot point, is the big clue. Tie all these indications together, and you are sure to out-fox price's next move.


Two major signals that always show you the current trend
Much-talked-about "Pivots Program" that gives you accurate entry & exit signals
Trading methods that work in any market condition 
How to quickly identify profitable chart patterns and trendlines
Indicator that beat out the other 99 as the most successful technical market pointer
How to use futures data to confirm the currency cash market trends.
Take money from the Euro which puts an average $US760 on the table everyday! 
How to use hedge your currency trades.
Learn these never revealed techniques in this seminar video recording.
Watch and Listen to a topic as many times as you need.
150 page detailed trading manual. See Table of Contents at the end of this page, 20 page Getting Started Guide
Real currency trading examples from the last 8 months designed to further reinforce every trading concepts
Access to daily pivots for the 4 major pairs and "News not Noise" Forex news digest and commentary.
Get on-going support from our members-only mentorship program which includes daily examples, questions and answers, tips, etc.
Discounts to future products from Forexmentor.

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